665 North Airport Rd. Murphysboro, IL 62966
PH: 618.529.8324

665 North Airport Rd. Murphysboro, IL 62966
PH: 618.529.TECH (8324)



TechPark offers a wide variety of non-aviation and automotive advantages and targets.


Non-Aviation and Automotive Advantages:

  • Modern, spacious teaching and research automotive facilities
  • Automotive testing equipment such as vehicle dynos
  • Nationally ranked SIU automotive program
  • Student demand as noted by industry recruitment
  • Partnerships with national automotive industries
  • Shovel ready property
  • Low cost land
  • Convenient access to major highways within 2 miles.

Non-Aviation Targets:

  • Automotive Support/Repair Industries
  • Automotive Component Manufacturers
  • Automotive Research Industries
  • Regional Offices/Manufacturing/Warehousing

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665 North Airport Rd.
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