665 North Airport Rd. Murphysboro, IL 62966
PH: 618.529.8324

665 North Airport Rd. Murphysboro, IL 62966
PH: 618.529.TECH (8324)


Southern Illinois Airport

Southern Illinois Airport occupies 1200 acres of property. It contains over 250 acres of development property for both aviation and non-aviation uses. A system of roadways provides easy access to all development parcels thus limiting infrastructure costs. All development property is served by every utility system including high-speed fiber optics. Easy access from the sites to major roadways is less than 2 miles in all directions.

The Airport is a modern general aviation facility with big airport assets. A primary runway of 6500’ x 100’ provides access to aircraft weighing up to 200,000 lbs. Various instrument approaches, visual aids and multi-step lighting combined with excellent snow and ice control services by the airport make it a runway to be counted on. An air traffic control tower is operational 14 hours per day to provide guidance to the airport’s 3 runways. On airport Police and Fire service ensure continuity of operation and tenant safety and security. 23 well-kept buildings currently dot the airport’s generous campus.

The airport currently accommodates a full range of aircraft and helicopter operations ranging from ultralights, light sport aircraft, a full range of helicopters, single and multi-engine piston, and jet aircraft up to Boeing 737’s. Military aircraft accommodated at the airport include a full range up to and including the Lockheed C130. All weather runways combined with multiple instrument approaches and 24/7 attendance make the airport operationally ready to accommodate any user.

Tech Park | Southern Illinois Airport - 20160829 Land Use Plan

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